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Review-The Cyborg Tinkerer

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/ 4 stars ⁣


Gwendolyn Grimm intended to seduce men and women across the galaxy while working as a ship tinkerer on the finest vessels in the Crescent Star System. Alas, terminal illness is a buzzkill. When a life-saving opportunity struts into her life dressed in a pinstripe suit, she is made an offer she can’t refuse: become a cyborg and work as a tinkerer for Cirque du Borge, the once renowned cyborg circus.

The problem is, a new law has banned the creation of new cyborgs and becoming one means execution if caught. Thus, no one cares to see the wonders of man and machine anymore.

Ticket sales continue to fall as the circus announces a competition to determine which acts will perform for the emperor on his home planet—an opportunity with the potential to save the circus from bankruptcy. But the competition has deadly consequences. Losing acts have their cyborg implants forcibly removed, and those who survive the extraction are banished from the circus.

As the tinkerer, Gwendolyn is forced to perform the revolting task of removing the cyborg implants from the losing performers. When she falls for both the man running the competition and a woman competing in it, she must decide who to protect. But can she risk having to harvest the people she loves the most?


*I received an ARC from the author to give an honest review.*

This novel is a steampunk, sci-fi, adult fantasy and is told in 2 POV's Gwen-the cybork tinkerer and Rora- the acrobat and love interest for Gwen. It also contains explicit language and sexual content as well as references to an eating disorder.

This novel appealed to me because of the circus aspect of it. If you've been here a hot minute then you know I love me a circus story. Then add sci-fi to it and I'm sold.

I really enjoyed Gwen's character. Give me all the sarcastic, believe-in-doing-the-right-thing even if it comes at a cost characters. In this story we follow Gwen as she joins the Cyborg Circus, and it had a *little bit* of Hunger Games aspect to it as the circus performers have to compete in 3 life or death competitions. If they survive, the remaining 10 performers will get to perform for the emperor and their performance might help humans see cyborgs in a better light and maybe repeal the law against them and help save the bankrupted circus. The cyborgs just want to live a normal life, kind of like the replicants in Blade Runner or at least that's what I thought while reading.

As much as this is an action packed sci-fi fantasy novel, for me this story was more romance. I felt like the polyamorous aspect in the novel is what propelled the plot. Everything Gwen does is for the two people her heart yearns for. I will say this book is very adult. Like I read 50 Shades and the ACOTAR series but this was like a different level LOL I had to make sure and not read around my children as they like to come up behind me and ask, whatcha reading?

I mean my glasses may have fogged up, I'm just saying.

Overall if you're not too squeamish of adult content, this book delivered in action, mystery and romance. I recommend for sure!

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