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Blog Tour & Review-Life in the Balance

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/ 4 stars

TITLE: Life in the Balance

AUTHOR: Jen Petro-Roy

PUBLISHER: Feiwel & Friends

RELEASE DATE: February 16th, 2021

GENRE(S): Middle Grade Fiction

BUY LINK: Bookshop


Veronica struggles to balance softball, friends, and family turmoil in this new honest and heartfelt middle grade novel by Jen Petro-Roy, Life in the Balance.

Veronica Conway has been looking forward to trying out for the All-Star softball team for years. She's practically been playing the game since she was a baby. She should have this tryout on lock.

Except right before tryouts, Veronica’s mom announces that she’s entering rehab for alcoholism, and her dad tells her that they may not be able to afford the fees needed to be on the team.

Veronica decides to enter the town talent show in an effort to make her own money, but along the way discovers a new hobby that leads her to doubt her feelings for the game she thought she loved so much.

Is her mom the only one learning balance, or can Veronica find a way to discover what she really wants to do with her life?

MY THOUGHTS: Spoiler Free

*Please note there is a possible trigger warning: Alcoholism & Divorce*

What an emotional read. This was me in 6th grade and the years before that until about 7th grade. My parents were alcoholics and family life was no fun. Although my situation was much worse than Veronica's, I still relate as an adult and remember the heartbreak and confusion of feeling like, why can't they stop drinking?

Veronica's mother works in a law firm and is hoping to make partner. She spends a lot of time at lunch and after work meetings, where she drinks a little too much. Forced to go to rehab, thanks to her boss, Anna leaves her family for weeks as she recovers.

Veronica and her father are left alone holding the reigns of their family home. Veronica has always dreamed of playing for the All Star Softball team and it's a dream she shares with her mother. But as her mother is in rehab and not there to help Veronica through her training, Veronica is left feeling betrayed, angry, and confused.

This is a great resource to teachers for families who are going through something similar. It's tastefully done and adequately explains the disease of alcoholism, that I think if any kids today were going through something like this with a family member, this would help explain their own feelings. As adults we don't know how to talk or explain "grown-ups" problems. This is the case for Veronica and I'm sure many children today. This book can be a great tool for them.


Jen Petro-Roy writes “honest books with heart,” about kids who are strong, determined, unsure, struggling to fit in, bubbly, shy, and everything in between. She is the author of P.S. I MISS YOU, GOOD ENOUGH, YOU ARE ENOUGH, and LIFE IN THE BALANCE (out

February 2021), all from Macmillan/Feiwel & Friends.

When she isn’t writing, Jen can be found reading, playing board games, belting out songs in the car to embarrass her two daughters, and working as an eating disorder awareness advocate.


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