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Book Review-This Vicious Grace

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/ 4 stars

RELEASE DATE June 28, 2022

Synopsis: Three weddings. Three funerals. Alessa’s gift from the gods is supposed to magnify a partner’s magic, not kill every suitor she touches.

Now, with only weeks left until a hungry swarm of demons devours everything on her island home, Alessa is running out of time to find a partner and stop the invasion. When a powerful priest convinces the faithful that killing Alessa is the island’s only hope, her own soldiers try to assassinate her.

Desperate to survive, Alessa hires Dante, a cynical outcast marked as a killer, to become her personal bodyguard. But as rebellion explodes outside the gates, Dante’s dark secrets may be the biggest betrayal. He holds the key to her survival and her heart, but is he the one person who can help her master her gift or destroy her once and for all?


Alessa is the chosen Finestra- the one to save them all! But in order to do that she uses gifts from a chosen Fonte by touch and absorption. Except her touch is deadly and her chosen Fontes keep dying. Oops! There's some fine print for ya! Three of her chosen Fontes have died and now her people are nervous. Perhaps she won't be able to save them all when the demons come to destroy their people. The only way for a new Finestra to emerge is to kill the current one or she uses her gift to save them, fulfilling her destiny.

A decision is made and attempted assassinations take place. What's a girl to do but hire a body guard and a cute one at that! Enter Dante, the good looking hero with a secret. I absolutely loved the banter between the two and enjoyed watching their relationship grow. Dante helps Alessa figure out why her touch keeps killing these Fontes and it's a good one too! Finally getting answers to her problem she discovers Dante's secret but will it help her in the end?

Really enjoyed this debut and the author does a great job explaining the magic and worldbuilding in an easy way without a lot of confusion. THE ENDING!!!!! That ending WAS INSANE!! What a great way to set up book 2! Preorder this baby now, you won't regret it!

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