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Welcome to my Book Blog Around the Corner!

My thoughts on the COVD-19 and Introduction of my Book Blog

Aww 2020, there was a time when I looked upon you with adoring eyes, full of hope and promises. This was going to be my year. I was gonna make 2020 my bitch! But then 2020 came barging through the door and blew away all my hopes and dreams like the Big Bad Wolf.

Hi my name is Angela and I was an Event Manager. Yeah, my job was one of the first jobs to be given the ax after COVD-19 interrupted all our lives. But I know I'm not alone in this and I hope to be a voice of comfort during this difficult time.

So moving back in with my parents and currently jobless, I thought I'd start a blog to merge with my bookstagram account. Here's a quick look at my gram ;)

Here is where I will post book reviews, upcoming books I'm excited about and unboxings and other random thoughts ;). And maybe (if I have enough courage) share some of my writing with you all.

Anyway drop a line and introduce yourself.

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